Open-air Bath
The open-air bath, a rarity in any city, allows your skin to absorb natural
sunlight and fresh air. Drying off in the natural wind after finishing
your open-air bath will allow your skin to quickly absorb the beneficial
ingredients of the hot spring. It is particularly effective in the wintertime.
After soaking in the open-air bath focusing mostly on steeping
the lower half of the body, come out of the bath and perform the drying
process two or three times and take a rest.
Seawater Bath
Various minerals, sodium chloride and magnesium are dissolved
and absorbed by the body, pushing waste products out of the body to help
promote blood circulation. The minerals in
seawater are similar in composition to the blood of the human body,
promoting metabolism and making the skin smooth.
Foot Bath
There are many meridians that pass through the feet,
so bathing the feet helps promote blood circulation and raises the
temperature of the feet, which is particularly helpful for people with
cold hands and feet. Also, because the body is warmed up,
it is possible to have a deep and peaceful sleep,
and because it makes the body sweat, the body is able to rid itself of toxins.
Event Baths
Due to the efficacy of medicinal herbs such as wormwood, kelp,
and chrysanthemum, many customers like to use them every week.
In particular, mugwort is known for the beautiful skin texture it provides
and its relieving effect on postpartum pain.
The essential oil contained in mugwort stabilizes the mind
and is excellent at releasing waste and toxins from the body.
Lower Body Bath
This bathing method is based on the traditional health principle of keeping the
feet warm and keeping the head cool.
It promotes good blood circulation and metabolism while helping the body
to rid itself of toxins via sweat, which is good for relieving muscle aches,
neuralgia, arthritis, obesity, back pain, menstrual pain,
and stress-induced fatigue.